Joshua Nimble

Our Story

Penville Consults is a visionary writing brand that is disrupting cliché notions in the writing industry. Penville Consults came alive as a result of the passion of Joshua Owie to bridge the gap in delivering quality content marketing services to individuals, brands/businesses, and organizations. Joshua has been a content marketer/copywriter for more than five years, and has worked with independent brands across Africa, America, Canada, and Asia.

Joshua understands the needs of these brands who are looking for someone who understands their pain points to be able to proffer solutions to them. He has also used his expertise and experience to empower individuals, by coaching them in the art of writing. Joshua has coached more than 100 individuals–and still counting– in the art of writing, and becoming a successful freelance writer, as he has been one himself.

Since its inception, Penville Consults has focused on delivering quality writing services to individuals, brands, and organizations from across the globe, so they can have a solid digital/offline print that positions them as an authority in their niche. Penville Consults is also geared towards empowering individuals looking to delve into the art of writing, so they can have the financial freedom they want, and also be able to express their thoughts through writing.

Penville Consults empowers your brand with quality content that separates you from the crowd