This article isn’t about how to start a blog; there are numerous guides on how to set up a WordPress blog within minutes. But if you’re considering delving into starting one, then you need to read this.

I’m sharing lessons learned from some of the mistakes I made way back then when I started blogging. You would be doing yourself a disservice not to read this to the end to avoid some of the mistakes that cost me greatly then.

I’m giving you a sum of my experiences by highlighting them into five things every beginner needs to do before blogging.

  1. ASK QUESTIONS: You may have done a lot of extensive research on blogging-surfed the Internet and read extensive articles on it and you feel, Ok, I’m up for it. But believe me, there’s a need to question people already in the blogging craft. Ask two or more persons close to you or make inquiries from a third party to share their experiences about blogging.

They would share with you some other things articles would never reveal to you. They could help you set up your blog and what you would’ve been sweating over trying to understand would be explained to you in a layman’s term.

  1. START WITH A FREE HOSTED BLOG FIRST: WordPress and Blogger give you the option of hosting your blog for free. Why you should start a free hosted blog is to get you acquainted with the first-hand experience of blogging. With a free blog, you can experiment and see the results for yourself.

You get to understand how traffic works, how content is being indexed and rated on the web, and a whole lot of things. A free blog is limited but it gives you a feel of what you’re doing. Many don’t consider this because they want to make the money immediately. And so, they find themselves at the end of the day spending on the blog instead of earning from the blog.

  1. DEFINE YOUR NICHE: A ‘Niche’ is simply the area you want to blog about or better still the topic you’re passionate about. As blogging is vast, involving a wide range of niches and sub-niches, there’s a need to state from the beginning what you’re sharing with your targeted audience.

If you’re talking about sports, then it should be sports. If it’s ‘gossip and news, it should be about gossip and news. It becomes problematic when you decide to mix up niches and sub-niches that aren’t related. You will make a mess of the whole thing. What I’m saying is, find a topic you’re interested in and stick to it.

  1. LEARN THE CRAFT OF CREATING QUALITY CONTENTS: Quality and engaging content appeal to the public. Your audience would always want to check out your blog if you give them something that is too compelling to ignore. So, you would do well not to ‘copy and paste’ jargon on your blog, you would do well to do extensive research on something, taking time to write it well before publishing it.

Quality content increases your visibility, sharpens your writing skills, makes you think vastly, and makes your blog stand out on the web. Lastly, it makes people come back for more.

  1. RESULTS AREN’T OVERNIGHT: Don’t be deceived by the craps that talk about making money within one or two months of blogging. Pure lies. One of such things people do to drive traffic illegally. Blogging takes time, and that’s the truth. All you have to do is to be patient and blog consistently. Trust me, the results will come eventually and you will be smiling to the bank regularly.

There it is. Have these five things at the back of your mind when considering opening a blog and you won’t shed the tears I did after realizing my mistakes.


Did I bore you? I’m sure I did not.

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