I am going to reveal some secret formulas of mine that have made people to lick their fingers after reading my content.

You see, It is why people have always bombarded my inboxes, DMs, and Emails with messages of: I want to write like you. Teach me to write like you…

Want to know the formulas? Let’s dive in:

1 Use Crazy And Catchy Titles: Did you see the title of my content? How did it sound to you? Very crazy, yet here you are reading this far. You certainly are not going to stop, because already I have caught your attention, and you are going to stay till the end.


This is what crazy titles do. It is what attracts people to read or repels people from reading your content in the beginning.

2 Use Paragraph Often: Common! Your content should not be like the pages of a textbook; long, boring, and solemn to behold. Break it down to paragraphs, give the reader the hope of reading it to the end. Four to five lines does the magic.

  1. Picture the idea: This should have come first, but who cares about rules? But here is why this is important. Once the idea hits you, write it down, then reflect on it, before writing.

What are you doing? You are mentally laying the foundation of a compelling content, and then developing the structure of your work.

You think we just rush and pour it all out? No. The complete content you read had to be built from scratch.

In fact, this was the first idea that came to mind when I thought about writing this.

4 If You Are Telling A Story, Make It Brief: I know they told you storytelling helps to pass your message. I am a storyteller myself, but a concise and straightforward story is good enough.

You don’t want to mislead us from the true picture of your message. The icing makes it beautiful, but the cake is what we want. The cake is the true content; the icing is for decorations.

Too much sugar is bad after all. Make your story brief.

5 Choice of words: Compelling content has an amazing choice of words. From the beginning to the end, these words are maintained in use, to keep the momentum.

Certain words are like triggers that arouse attention and excitement. Words like ‘you, ‘you’re’, ‘we are very powerful, because, with these words, you are talking to the audience.

I don’t know about you, but I notice people love it when you talk to them about their problems, then when you talk about yourself.

6 Picture Your Audience: How would your audience react to what you have written? Picture how they would think with the choice of words you used.

How would you know this? Read what you have written silently, and then loudly. We are talking about compelling content here, not the crappy ones you’ve written before.

So, you have to put yourself in their shoes, and know what they would think. Then you can easily tweak some things to make it come out better.

What else?

7 Be Flexible: Now you’ve known some of my secret formulas, doesn’t mean this is all there is to it. There are levels to it, and it comes with trying out something new.

Try one, it works, build on it. And before you know it, you would have lots of recipes for compelling content.

Have you gotten value?

Tell me what you have learned differently.

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